Monday, October 22, 2007

Outbrain Widget is Globetrotting

It has been a very exciting several days here at Outbrain. We quietly slipped out of a closed beta period and opened up access to our 5 star rating widget to the blogging public. Allen Stern from CenterNetworks was kind enough to post about it here. But no matter how good you are, and we have some of the best, you can't help but hold your breathe when you go public. Fortunately for us, thanks to so many bloggers who installed the widget and then were happy enough to blog about their good experience, (some great posts here) our widget is now globetrotting around the earth like a Hollywood "A" lister. It would be fun to connect the journey of the widget around the globe from one blog to another, country to country. As a visual, I am picturing a globe with yarn transversing in all directions. In addition to this, we released personalized ratings which I will expand on in a future post. We posted details about this on the Outbrain blog here. Although all the attention right now is on the rating widget, personalized ratings will have its own time in the spotlight soon enough. Thanks to so many bloggers around the world for their support and comments. If I could travel with the widget tonight I wonder where it would take me? Someplace far away no doubt!

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