Sunday, November 11, 2007

Cleaned Out At Blogworld

I am just returned from the BlogworldExpo in Las Vegas. This was the first official exhibition for Outbrain. Although I had many firsts at the show, one was getting cleaned out of business cards on the first day. So on the second day I made these make-shift cards by cutting up a word document from the hotel biz center. They were raw but the crowd actually loved them. I had many bloggers say they thought this kind of biz card was "cool" and that they wanted to make some for themselves. Getting cleaned out says much about the traffic of the show but I will add that the traffic was also very good from our perspective. I met so many cool bloggers who loved our rating widget and installed right from the booth. A big thanks to Rick Calvert, Patti, Dawn and others on the Blogworld team that made the show a success. It was very cool of Rick to walk the floor and shake hands with the exhibitors on day 2. Looking ahead to the next show, I would re-think the exhibitors' presentations on the presentation stage. None of the prezos had any people. Plus the prezos were scheduled during show sessions. Maybe next year, the selected prezos can be worked into the session schedule so attendees have a chance to attend. On our side, we will do much more prezo marketing before and during the show to drive attendees as well. That said I will be back in the Outbrain booth next year at Blogworld - this time with enough cards to go around.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Speaking at BlogWorld in Las Vegas

I will be speaking at the blogworld & new media expo in Las Vegas on Thursday November 8th at 3PM on the Presentation Stage. The title of the presentation is "How To Fire Up Your Blog With Ratings and Recommendations." The goal of this prezo is to introduce bloggers to Outbrain, have some fun with a visual presentation and share some insight on how to effectively leverage ratings and recommendations on a blog. We are allergic to powerpoint data barf and strive to make our talks enlightening so come on over and learn how to fire up you blog with some cool tools.